Saturday, April 2, 2011

Restriction lifted

Well, my restriction has finally loosened up a bit. I can eat with minimal tightness. I believe it when my surgeon's office tells me that eating less doesn't mean I will lose weight. They told me I need to eat a certain amount, salad plate size portion, and I will lose more weight. True, true, true. I have been tight since my last fill. Almost every meal I get stuck. It was horrible and I wasn't losing hardly any weight. I had the same 5 lbs up and down since then. It started to loosen up and I finally hit the 101 lbs loss. I can now eat a meal with very little tightness and can eat just a tad more at my meals. I had lost the 101 then went back up a few pounds. Yesterday I was able to eat comfortably and the excess pounds melted off. I am back at 101 lbs loss.

I am supposed to get a fill this week but I am going to put that off for a bit and see how the weight goes. I will, however, get a fill if I start to eat everything that isn't nailed down. That's my cue.

Stress is a terrible thing and horrible for my band. It causes all sorts of problems with eating. But who doesn't have stress in their lives? The key is be relaxed at meal time. Again, who isn't stressed at meal time? It's rare for me. I eat on the go at work, meaning I eat at my desk while working because of all of the work I have to do. I eat breakfast at home now every morning but that of course is the tightest meal of the day. Dinner is usually late night since I get off work at 8pm and that is the time I catch up with my kid's and hubby's day and get them ready for the next school day.

I am looking for some good recipes. Feel free to add them or email them to me.

Thanks everyone!!

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