Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's a first for me...

True weight gain, I think it is here. I got a fill a few weeks ago and have gained weight ever since. I am not eating more, in fact, I am eating less. I have been keeping tabs on it. The only difference is the Sobe's I was drinking but have since stopped. I think some of it is water weight but I know some is not. I am baffled. I am analyzing my food choices which haven't really changed. My clothes aren't any tighter so I really don't know.

I started a facebook page for recipes called Love and Care Recipes to Share. Please like the page and share your recipes.

I made white chicken chili and sausage potato soup this week. Nothing better than some nice comforting soups/chili when the weather is chilly.

No issues at work. My new job is still going very well, not the stress I used to have. I love my job even with the little stresses. I feel so much more productive and part of something more. It's amazing how such a major change in my life has such huge benefits in both my personal and work lives.

Now, here is an issue I know I have. Eating out...I REALLY need to stop. Question is, how to do that without hurting people's feelings? I am going on a stay-cation in a few weeks and have loads of work to get done in that time frame. Maybe I can use that as an excuse to not eat out. I need to stay and work. I just don't know.

There's nothing harder than being between sizes. I am a very loose 20 or a tight 18. Dang it! My goal is to get into a comfortable 18. A work in progress....