Monday, November 28, 2011


I have been incognito lately. Well not really, just busy. I am struggling this time after the fill. At times it feels like fluid was taken out not put in. Other times I get stuck on almost everything. I have put on weight. Definitely. I thought it was water weight and some of it may be but not all of it. I am weighing getting another fill. I think yesterday I ate non stop all day. I got stuck too, up it came and then I ate again. Bad habit.

I should be happy. This is the first time I have had weight gain since the surgery. I need to step back and re-assess what it is that I need to do to get back on track. Fill or not to fill, the age old question. I am thinking fill because I was able to eat ham. Another meat on my list that is not easy to eat and I use that list to guage my fill needs.

Thanksgiving was uneventful food-wise. I had a little turkey, some mac n cheese, green beans and mashed potatoes. Probably a tablespoon or two of each. I made the mac n cheese with Barrilla Plus pasta. It has 10g of protein in a serving of pasta. Good stuff. No dessert. No snacks. No eggnog. I was really good that day. After that day it went downhill fast. I have been eating non stop all weekend. Not large amounts just eating non stop. A little here, a little there. A little here and there. I am addicted to Golden Oreos. Dipped in milk they are mushy and slide right down so I can eat them non stop as well. I am making myself a promise not to buy them anymore. This could be the cause of the weight gain and this will be the first time I have said no to a food. I have always prided myself in eating whatever I want and not depriving myself of anything but I can't stop eating these cookies. I will eat a whole package by myself in one day. How sad is that?

So I have two culprits. One is the cookies and the other is cappuccino. I haven't had the cappuccinos in a few days but the cookies have been daily. I am thinking the cookies are more so the cause. What do you think?

I am off work until December 12th. My goal is to get myself back on track before going back to work. I am making weekly if not daily goals to accomplish. My first goal is NO COOKIES. I am cutting back my cappuccinos unless I get sleepy. Then I will limit myself to ONE.

I am calling today to get an appointment for a fill. Need to get it done.

Now, I did have an upper GI done a few weeks back. They wanted to have a baseline GI for comparison should I have any problems later on. The upper GI showed good restriction. Really? Cause I don't see it, or feel it. Hmmm....

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