Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 3 nothing got stuck!

Ok, so now I am so confused. What is causing it? There are only 2 things different about the last three days. One was I didn't have to work and two was that hubby was gone most of those days. Actually he's been working so he hasn't been here at all except from 3am to 10am. it work, is the kids or is it hubby?

Today was a good day so to speak.

Egg/laughing cow cheese
Meatloaf casserole
Vitamin Water.
Bowl of Strawberry Mini Wheats with milk

That's it today. I wasn't hungry at all. I only at when I was hungry. Didn't get stuck once. I had one little slice of meatloaf casserole and stopped eating as soon as it got tight. I just didn't eat anymore. So now here's my thought. Have things changed again with my band and when I get stuck it is not that I am stuck but I have eating enough? Sometimes I wonder and others when I get stuck immediately I know it isn't cause I've had a enough. Some things to ponder.

Tomorrow I go back to work. I will take my lunch with me I think. Maybe some watermelon too. Or I could go get a salad from Jason's Deli. I haven't had one in ages. I may do that and stop by the Fashion Bug to check out bathing suits.Eww....bathing suits...

My spirits are still up and down. No meltdowns today because I haven't gotten stuck so it's all good right now.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. Will work cause issues? I do get stuck at work and the kids and hubby are not there. so who knows what the common factor is if any.  

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