Friday, September 10, 2010

Times, they's a changing

It seems each day, each week, each month things around me are changing. I am just now beginning to realize that others around me see changes and they are starting to react to them.
For instance, when I was on vacation, for the first time, I didn't feel like people were looking at me. Oh I know I am still big but for some reason I didn't FEEL as big.
At work, people who know I had the surgery tell me they notice it in my face. I can too now. I like what I see for once. I no longer get depressed looking in the mirror when getting ready in the mornings.
At work, they now notice when I do my hair differently. It's a good feeling.
I am buying clothes off the rack, well it is still at Lane Bryant but usually shirts don't fit me. I have to buy online at and get bigger than usual sizes. Not any more.
Today I went to the doctor to do a med check. My BP was 104/56. It has NEVER been that low. So once again she reduced my BP meds. She wants to do it slowly so we can monitor my BP to make sure it doesn't start going up. In a month we should know if we can lower it again. It was cut in half today. She is so impressed with my progress. I am so grateful to her for telling me I need to lose the weight for my life. That it now was life or death. She suggested the lap band but clearly said for me to research it and research local surgeons but that she would not be part of the selection process. Once I have a doctor she will monitor my meds and anything they need her to do but she would be there 100% and she has been.
The lap band has been the best decision I ever made and regret not doing it sooner but I think this was just the right time to do it. I believe that is why I am successful.
Well, an update on my life with lap band.
I am still getting stuck almost daily. It isn't bad but at times I had to get hot cider or hot coffee and that relaxes everything and the food goes on through. Or I drink a hot drink before eating and that too takes care of it. I have decided that bread it not worth it. I don't even want to chance it anymore. I ate a hamburger last night from the grill without bread. It wasn't as satisfying but I was able to eat without getting stuck. Well worth it.
I view the getting stuck as a warning alert for me to slow down or choose something different to eat. It could end up being a positive thing. Before this last fill, I had no warnings at all. I could and did eat everything with no trouble. Bread, pasta, problems.

Well good things are happening and continue to happen. Life is good. I am good. What more could I ask for?

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