Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yeah, you know I Well, okay maybe not really but there is a point to this madness. Monday I went shopping at a consignment shop. Okay, so it was a plus size consignment shop. They really do have them. There wasn't a huge selection and not particularly stylish. I tried on a shirt and it was skin tight. Depressing. I found these "Goddess" jeans. New with the tag on. They were a couple of sizes smaller than the last pants I bought, pre surgery days. I knew that all my capri jeans were getting baggy. Some to the point, that I have to keep hiking them up during the day. So, I thought I will try these that are one size smaller. They were tight. I could button them because they had some stretch to them but they were pretty tight. Well, I bought them anyway. I WILL get into those capri jeans. I am predicting by the end of this month they will be on me. Ok, actually I am hoping by the end of this month. Something to work towards. A goal. A reward. I'm not focusing on the scale but the comfort of my pants.
I plan on taking all my clothes that are too big and taking the fall clothes up there for consignment. Mine are WAY more stylish then the grandma clothes they had in there. Even for big girl clothes.
I forgot to get on the scale this morning. I know, crazy isn't it. I haven't been focusing on my weight this week. Work has been kicking my butt so I have been focusing my attention on that. Tomorrow morning I will get on it and see how I did.
Check back soon for my pics which may be on here by the time you read this. Before and After.

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