Saturday, April 7, 2012

Been gone awhile

It's been quite awhile since my last post. Where do I begin? Actually not much to tell.
My restriction is still going strong. Sometimes too strong. I have to choose my food carefully. At times food I eat one day I can't the next. No rhyme no reason. So I basically keep trying food until I get something I can eat / keep down. There is no middle ground. The food either goes down or comes up.I really haven't had any true weight loss. Still puzzled but no weight gain so I will take what I can. I definitely do not need a fill.

I have been coming home for lunch most days. I like that best. I like the quiet. I can stay at home for about 45 minutes relaxing until I have to be back. It is helpful when my lunch doesn't go down. I can try to find something else to eat. If I was at work then I would be out of luck. If only my friends cooperated with my choice to come home for lunch.

I have been swelling. BIG TIME. Of course my doctor doesn't agree. I was able to get some lasix from another doctor and guess what? I took one pill at 1pm and by the next morning I was down 6.5 lbs. Not swelling huh? All in all, after a few days and two pills I am down 10 lbs. I can breathe easier. I don't get winded anymore. I can go up and down the steps with no problem. Don't try and tell me I wasn't swollen.
I know better and now I can prove it.

I think maybe my food issues is due to stress. I am really stressed right now. While I still love my new job, my boss has been less than spectacular. I think he is discriminating against me. Not is a really bad way. It has to do with time off. Everytime I ask for more than a day off at a time, I don't get an approval. I get "let's discuss". Everyone else in the group gets theirs approved immediately no questions asked. Like this coming week. It is spring break and I lost my sitter for the week. I asked to take off. I knew one person was off at the end of the week but he lets more than one person off all the time. He said "let's discuss". I knew what was coming because he said the same thing to me at Christmas and I had to find a week where no one had one single day off. Well I was pissed so I didn't go see him. It would not have been wise. He instead comes to me and was very jovial. He said I could not take a single day off. I could not be spared. I told him I don't have a sitter after noon each day and no one on Wednesday. He said I have to come in until noon then go home and work remote from home for the rest of my shift each day. He said more than one person could not be off. I pointed out that the week of Derby two people are off at the same time. He said yes they are. I wanted to know how that was fair. He would not respond. He said next time I should ask before someone else. I told him how was I supposed to know another person was off when she didn't log it like she is supposed to. He just laughed. Again I was pissed. I then find out that he let this same person take off Monday when he told me I couldn't. I want to know what he has against me. I find out that he let everyone off early yesterday except me. I was working and thought it was really quiet on the other side of the wall. Yes my team is all on the same side but I was placed on the other side away from everyone. Anyway, it was quiet and about 4:30 so I went over to see what was up and no one was there. Everyone was gone even my boss. I stayed till 5pm because that is my schedule. I am so mad I see red!! I just don't get it. He gave me rave reviews at my performance review.  There may be an opening back in my old position coming soon and I may consider taking it. At least there I knew where I stood.

Easter Sunday is tomorrow. I wish everyone a blessed day.


Sarah G said...

I think your food problems are a direct result of the swelling you are experiencing. You don't just have swollen legs, feet, & hands...your actual stomach is swollen as well as your other internal organs I'm sure. Hopefully getting that under better control will alleviate your vomiting. Stress is a factor too of course but the two things together are a bad combo! I hope the lasix helps quickly and gets you feeling better in all respects soon!

Sarah G said...

Oh yeah, and your boss is a huge turd-burglar. Sorry he's being such an ass.

DeNita said...

Go back to where you are appreciated. His day will come!