Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Band-tastic Week!

Well, I must admit I have not been able to say that in a really long while. And it has been a really good week! Here's the lowdown. We went on vacation the week before and I was stuck daily. Much the same as has been over the last month or so. It was a difficult vacation. I ate very little because there's wasn't much I could eat. Oddly enough the only food I could eat was Cheetos.

Well, we came back and I had actually gained weight. I was so frustrated. Then I go back to work and find out my boss had resigned the day before. I thought to myself, this is going to be a really bad week. It was in a way. There was a lot going on at work besides that and it was really stressful. That translates into stress and severe band tightness. Not so much this time. Yes I am beyond confused. But I am not going to try and understand.

That being said, I had a good food week, well a good eating week. I didn't get stuck for days. When I did I immediately knew it was because I waited too long to eat. Before I would get stuck even if I didn't wait too long between meals. It was so nice to eat small amounts and not have a bad experience.

I have given up the Cheetos. For lunch I would eat a lettuce leaf with a little mayo spread on it then I rolled a slice of deli roast beef up in it. Delish, protein packed. I had that most days this week for lunch. Dinner was eating out most days. We had football and volleyball all week. I ate small amounts of foods.

The best news ever is....drum roll please....I have lost weight! I am finally down to the weight I was back when I had to get the unfill in December, actually 1 pound less than that. I am super excited. I only hope this continues.

This morning I made a quiche. Sausage and swiss. Protein.  I ate a small slice and am completely full. Almost too full. Glad I didn't overdo it.

So here's to a fabulous week I had even though it was stressful. I hope next week is just as good.

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